Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I find that usually that the state of cleanliness of my room is a reflection of my life.  If my room is clean and organized, my life is following a schedule and accomplishing things.  Where if it looks like a dang tornado and it's five children had a dance party in my room, then I'm usually crazy busy and a bit stressed out.  This week it's been well a new kinda unorganized.  
Stephanie and I are SOO excited to start creating things that are memorable and will help define our style (and hopefully will be sellable in the future).  We've both been working on projects for school and projects that we can squirrel away and learn from.  As a result, it looks like pinterest packed up and moved to occupy the small space that is my bedroom.  In a way, I love it.  It's so inspiring and free.  But I am in desperate need for some reorganization.  I'm planning on doing just that tomorrow when the weekend is here. Oh, the crazy party lifestyle of a college-aged woman.  
But anyways, I didn't do my thankful thursday, and I know this is an hour late to still make it.  But I am so thankful for the inspiration I've been given lately.  And the energizing environment it has created for me.  But I am also sooo thankful that I will have time this weekend to organize it so it will be productive.  

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