Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am currently obsessed with candles.  We never had them in our home while growing up because my father is paranoid of burnin' down the whole dang house.  Because of this, I never really understood why people had candles. They just didn't seem to serve a huge purpose to me.  I mean if the power is working, why light them?
  When I moved into my apartment this year with three random roommates, I was baffled at how many candles we have (seriously, they're everywhere).  And didn't start lighting them myself until this semester. 
You see, my roommate's and I got a new roommate at the beginning of this year.  With her came: her (apparently) live in boyfriend and her 7 month old pit bull puppy.  And trust me, the puppy didn't forget to pack his stink and move it in.  Needless you say, our apartment smells strongly of dog.
So when my mother came to visit me last weekend.  We went shopping for supplies for my studio courses and made sure that we stopped by Bath and Body Works and picked up some candles. 

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