Thursday, January 10, 2013

We met in high school.  Having both W- last names, we were in the same homeroom but never really talked.  We had the same drawing class sophomore year but only really talked when this obnoxious gay guy kept bothering us both and sticking his butt out in every direction like a peacock flaunting his feathers. 
We first became friends in our painting class junior year.  We shared our frustration in painting the same overcrowded still lifes involving pieces that were older than us and the dust on them showed it.  
We created a family in that class.  There was our teacher, Mrs. Fiscus, who’s catch phrases defined her as a feisty firecracker who ran our classroom like a drill sergeant.  But if you got on her good side, she’d show you love like you were one of her own children.  (steph, we really need to go visit her!) There was Emily, who is currently studying architecture at Ball State.  She brought to our group these crazy, sarcastic elaborations on our daily lives, turning their usual boring characteristics into weird voyages like something written in the Magic Tree House series.  Then we had Nick, I think he was studying art education at University of Southern Indiana, but now he’s studying some medical occupation that I have no idea how to pronounce.  Nick swore by combat boots, old band t-shirts, and customized leather jackets with metal studs, vintage patches, and hand painted designs.  He brought a twist to our style of artwork that was inspiring.   The last member of our family was Scott, a gentle, patient, soccer player who took his paintings very seriously. 
Our painting class family ran our high school’s art club.  But Stephanie and I did most of the planning.  Outside of school, we did so many projects: pieced together quilts, spray painted canvases, created pour paintings, crocheted plastic bags into mats for the homeless, and glazed dozens of pottery pieces. 
Since our high school days, our friendship has done nothing but get stronger.  I honestly feel like God has put us in each other’s lives for life.  I realize that that sounds really elementary  like we should have matching necklaces that create a heart when placed side by side and say BFF or something but I mean it.  He led us into similar relationships in high school that allowed us to relate to one another.  And I feel like He used those dysfunctional relationships to form this friendship because he knew we would both be so overwhelmed and lonely in separate, dangerous cities during college that we would need someone to help us get through it.  And now He is using the gifts that he has given us to start this blog and hopefully in the future, a business.  It’s truly amazing how God has just taken a hold of our lives and has blessed us with this friendship as a gift that I am immensely thankful to be given.     

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